All power to the imagination

The new regulation on the use of drones in the airspace was approved in the Global Parliament. This supranational legislation will come into force as of January 1, 2030 and is intended to protect personal information that the mega data mining corporations collect through filming and transmission in 5G.

Is this a joke? No. It’s news from a possible future. One of many possible futures that over 20 leaders imagined on March the 20th, in the first stop of the 2019 edition of the Future of Politics Initiative.

The Workshop, held at the Hertie School of Governance, was organized by CIPPEC (Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth) with the support of Pew Research Center, the Global Solutions Initiative and PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers). It was the European chapter of a series of high-level Workshops that bring together experts and leaders from the public, private and third sectors to discuss possible policy scenarios of the world to come.

By focusing on the European region, the aim of the first event was to build a new understanding of the effects that shifts in technology, in global economic power and in sociodemographic indicators will have on domestic politics and global governance structures. Our goal is to design a suitable policy environment to deal with the issues at hand.

We are certain that local demands influence both fragmented and globally coordinated societies. Technological breakthroughs, demographic changes and power relation transformations, have specific meanings, complexities and implications in different societies and in their particular set of institutions. Therefore, the next Workshops will be held in Tokyo, Buenos Aires Washington and Moscow.

Would you like to know more about the future? Would you like to write it yourself? Let us know and we will send you more information on the scenarios as soon as they are imagined, after the workshop.


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