CIPPEC’s international cooperation projects in 2022 

Learn about the research and public policy formulation projects in which CIPPEC participated together with think tanks, the private sector, development agencies and multilateral organizations in Latin America and the world. 

Since its founding, CIPPEC has strengthened its cooperation links with a great number of partners, including the academia, the private sector, government agencies, trade unions, other NGOs, multilateral organizations, and local communities. 

CIPPEC defines its strategic research agenda and projects with a dual perspective: the needs of the local agenda and the opportunities of the international context. The local agenda allows us to contribute to those issues that play a critical role in Argentina’s growth and the quality of life of its citizens. In parallel, the global context confronts us with challenges that have emerged in recent years and that are not unique to a specific country or region.  

That is why, for 22 years, we have reconciled these two agendas through public policy programs that that produce evidence, data, and proposals with an interdisciplinary perspective, together with research networks from Argentina and the world. 2022 was no exception. 

With the international cooperation support, we participated in many research and public policy projects on education, social protection, economic development, political institutions, cities, public management and monitoring and evaluation.  

These are the projects CIPPEC carried out with the support of the international cooperation during 2022: 

  • FoWiGS: A Netowork on Digital Innovations and the Future of Work in the Global South            (International Development Research Center – IDRC) 
  • Diagnosis and diversity: Contributions to a strategic framework for promoting gender equality in development projects (Agence Française de Développement – AFD) 
  • Building narratives and policy frameworks for a global future of work agenda (German Agency for International Cooperation – GIZ) 
  • Survey and analysis for the design of a digital skills platform within the framework of the High Value Added Export program in Argentina (Inter-American Development Bank – IADB) 
  • LAC Regional: Public Policies for Restarting Economies (Center for International Private Enterprise – CIPE) 
  • Our Common Agenda: How COVID-19 has accelerated the future of work (Southern Voice) 
  • Towards a new housing policy in Bolivia. Analysis of the housing market and proposals for the sector (Inter-American Development Bank – IADB) 
  • Survey of Latin American cases of metropolitan institutionality development through the prioritization and joint execution of projects with metropolitan impact (Inter-American Development Bank – IADB) 
  • Early Warning Systems to Prevent Secondary School Dropout in the Post-pandemic Period  (Tinker Foundation) 
  • Dialogues to enhance the digital transformation of the educational system in Argentina      (Inter-American Development Bank – IADB) 
  • Center for Accountable Investment: Democratic Unity (Center for International Private Enterprise – CIPE) 
  • Promoting integrity, anti-corruption and accountability in State Owned Enterprises –  Phase IV (Center for International Private Enterprise – CIPE) 
  • LAC REGIONAL: Rebuilding Trust in Institutions Through Transparency, Accountability and ESG Best Practices (Center for International Private Enterprise – CIPE) 
  • Development and strengthening of the institutional capacities of the Ministry of Public Works with a results-based management approach: Process Map and Set of Management Indicators (Organization of Ibero-American States – OEA) 
  • Global Program: Shaping Business Norms that Strengthen Trust in Democratic and Market Institutions – Support to T20 network (Center for International Private Enterprise – CIPE) 
  • Building Legitimacy Through Procedural Justice in Argentina (National Endowment for Democracy – NED) 
  • 40 years of democracy. Consensus and priorities of young people and political leaders              (European Union) 
  • Youth vote        (The United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF) 
  • Political parties and candidate selecction process. A dabate about the PASO elections in Argentina (National Democratic Institute – NDI) 
  • Rapid assessment of Regional Initiative Latin America and the Caribbean Free of Child Labor support projects (International Labour Organization – ILO) 
  • Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 on Pension Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Case of Argentina (Inter-American Development Bank – IADB) 
  • Pyramids in Argentina. Opportunities and challenges to address poverty in a context of population aging (United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA) 
  • Analysis of the programmatic opportunities for IFAD in Argentina (International Fund for Agricultural Development – IFAD) 
  • Organization of Public Policy meetings (International Organization for Migration – IOM) 
  • Technical support for strengthening local migratory governance (International Organization for Migration – IOM) 
  • Implementing care policies in Argentina: a lever for economic recovery after the Covid-19 emergency (GRADE) 
  • Opportunities to advance in poverty reduction and guarantee the rights of children and adolescents (The United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF) 
  • Consensus to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents (The United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF) 

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