CIPPEC´s international work during 2022

The diversification and balance of CIPPEC funding sources is a priority. This ensures the independence and sustainability of our work. 

We also received in-kind donations during 2022 for an estimated amount of ARS 11,004,643 (USD 84,394) 

Our donor portfolio is much diversified, with no single donor accounting for over 11% of total funds received 

Democracy 40

In 2023, our country celebrates 40 years of uninterrupted democracy, which is an opportunity to face the pending challenges to move towards a development agenda for Argentina. That is why at CIPPEC, with the Democracy 40 (#40D) initiative, we are developing public policy proposals that address these challenges and opportunities.


Our international work

  • We continued working at the T20 in order to pushing for strategic topics on which we work at the local level with think tanks from around the world. See more.
  • CIPPEC’s outreach continues. See more.
  • We continue working within the framework of FoWiGS, an initiative that seeks to build the Future of Work in the Global South. See more.
  • We began working with Southern Voice and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) on care economy in Latin America. See more.
  • In collaboration with Salesforce, we reinforced our commitment to break down glass ceiling and increase the involvement of Women in Science and Technology (S&T) in Latin America. See more.
  • We started working together with the International Bureau of Education (IBE-UNESCO). See more.
  • With the support of Southern Voice, we proposed how to reduce global asymmetries in open government data in the Global South. See more.
  • Together with Oxford University, we developed the first assessment of the Fairwork Argentina project. See more.
  • Together with UNICEF ArgentinaUNFPA Argentina and UNFPA Uruguay, we worked on a joint project to study the demographic transition in Argentina. See more.
  • Together with Southern Voice, we analyzed how to strengthen democratic institutions to achieve peace, justice and inclusion. See more.
  • With the support of the IDB, we assessed the impact of COVID-19 on the Argentine pension systems. See more.
  • With the support of international organizations, we participated and carried out over 28 research and public policy projects. See more.

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