Reframing the narrative on the future of work. The Global South perspective.

Published in February 2022

There is a fundamental error in trying to predict the future: it does not exist yet. There is nothing to reveal and everything to create. In this sense, assuming the transformational ability of the Global South is the first step not to predict, but to build a better labor future. Not only for the Global South, but for the world economy: developing countries will account for 90% of the world’s working-age population by 2050. 

In this document, prepared within the scope of the FOWiGS (Future of Work in the Global South) initiative, we have tried to provide a first set of elements to adapt the standard narrative on the future of work to the context of these different regions. 


The Future of Work in the Global South (FOWiGS) is an initiative supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and coordinated by CIPPEC. Its goal is understanding the effect of technological change on jobs from a Global South perspective by providing data, knowledge and policy frameworks to build evidence-based narratives on the future of work in developing countries. 

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