Virtual sessions: a milestone for the Argentine House of Representatives

Published in May, 2021

On May 13th, 2020, the Argentine Honorable House of Representatives (HCDN, by its Spanish acronym) held its first virtual session ever. The development and approval of the protocols necessary to continue with the legislative work virtually was a milestone for the House.

This publication outlines the process by which technology was incorporated in order to carry out legislative work remotely. It also shows the results the HCDN obtained during 2020 and makes some recommendations on how to continue with the modernization of the House of Representatives.

This publication is a summary of the document “Modernizing the House of Representatives: Adaptations during the pandemic” prepared by CIPPEC’s Political Institutions Program within its research area “Digital Adaptation of Politics”, which promotes the responsible use of technology in decision-making processes and the relationship between citizens and representatives.


Associated publications

“Modernizing the House of Representatives: Adaptations during the pandemic”, document that analyzes the process of technology adoption and implementation, on the basis of the legitimacy, integrity, accessibility, and transparency of the legislative process, as well as its impact on the lawmaking, scrutiny, and representation tasks.


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