The need to access to public information in argentina

The civil society should be able to control and evaluate the acts of government, and this is only possible with accurate and timely information. Lack of adequate information leads to a crisis of credibility or trust in government representatives, and can therefore undermine the legitimacy of the democratic system itself. Thus, an adequate legal framework regulating the access to public information should be fundamental in a democratic system. First, this framework should require the standardized publication of information. Second, it should guarantee the effective right to search, receive and publish any piece of public information not directly published by the State. Of course, caveats to protect individual privacy and national and internal security must take into consideration existing legislation on secrecy and publicity of acts of government1. In fact, there are 15 national laws in Argentina regulating the access to public information. Finally, it is of crucial importance that the legal framework establishes an adequate judicial mechanism to demand the timely and effective enforcement of the right.


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